August 2018

Dash Cam Videos will be harder to obtain in New Jersey

What I call dash cam videos are called mobile video recorders (MVRs) in New Jersey. A Tuckerton police officer was chasing a lady in a car. The car headed towards Barnegat Township, where two Barnegat Township police cars joined the chase. The MVRs in the Barnegat Township police cars recorded the chase and the subsequent stop of the fleeing car. The MVRs also caught the actions of a second Tuckerton police officer and his dog during the arrest. The woman was pulled from her car. The police dog was allowed to attack and injure the woman. The Tuckerton officer responsible for the dog was subsequently charged with second degree official misconduct, third degree aggravated assault, and other offenses arising from his use of the dog.

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Made in America Safety Tips

This weekend the city of Philadelphia will be hosting Jay-Z’s annual Made in America festival on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway despite recent controversy of its location. The star studded line-up will include performers such as Philadelphia’s own Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, and Kendrick Lamar.

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Partner Al Anthony and Associate James Barry on Environmental Class Actions

The first two years of the Trump administration have proven to be tumultuous, and the area of environmental regulation is no different, as the administration has sought to rollback or overturn over fifty environmental rules over the course of the first eleven months of the administration. This rollback has heightened the need for environmental class actions arising out of toxic exposures to both protect communities from polluters and act as a deterrent, encouraging companies to take adequate measures to avoid polluting their communities.  In considering the current administration’s apparent goal of undermining institutional environmental protections for communities, and in considering the real benefits our environmental class actions have had for communities which otherwise would have been left with no real means of redressing pollution, it is apparent that trial lawyers must step into the void to protect our communities from polluters through the class action device.  

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Asbestos in Crayons? Benzene in Markers? …. Oh My!

Back to School Season is upon us!  Stores are now filled with a plethora of backpacks, school supplies, and clothing.  Parents of school-aged children everywhere are preparing their children for school in hope of them being safe while learning much throughout the year.  Students are enjoying the last few days of summer before they embark upon an exciting new school year.

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Have Fun Dancing, But Please Be Safe

This summer, the KeKe Challenge (also referred to as the “#InMyFeelings Challenge”) has been an entire craze.  It is fun. It is spontaneous. It immediately sparks joviality. Even though there are specific moves to this KeKe dance, the KeKe Challenge has sparked much interest because it still allows an individual to express himself or herself creatively.  Of course, the best we have seen is the KeKe Challenge orchestrated by Will Smith, who had one of the best backgrounds in which he displayed his dance moves.  This Challenge has been a great way for people to express themselves all in a fun, spontaneous manner.  As soon as Drake’s song hits the stereo, one cannot help but begin to move.

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A lawsuit filed in the federal court on July 29th, 2018 alleges that Ripley Entertainment “recklessly risked the lives of its passengers for purely financial reasons” which cost the lives of 17 people and injuring 14 others. The lawsuit continues on to say that the company knew that the duck boats were unsafe and knew the weather was not fit for the boat to go out onto the water.

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Miami Lawyer Opposes Continuance Request From Lead Counsel

Women in the legal profession often face discrimination and bias, both implicit and overt. This issue was recently thrust into the spotlight when a pregnant lead attorney in a Florida products liability trial, Christen E. Luikart of Murphy Anderson, requested a trial continuance because her due date coincided with the trial date.

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