June 2017

Republican Controlled House Passes Bill to Gut Patients’ Rights in Medical Negligence Cases

The party of “states’ rights” and “smaller government” stepped all over those rights and enlarged the federal government’s reach into the rights of citizens to seek justice and recompense when they are negligently injured by doctors and hospitals by passing the ironically named “Protecting Access to Care Act” or (PACA) in the House of Representatives yesterday.  The vote was 218 to 210 along party lines.


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Hudson River PCB/GE Cleanup Review May Test Pruitt Power to De-Fang the EPA Superfund Cleanup Enforcement

The Trump Administrations’ EPA Administer Scott Pruitt has promised (threatened?) to “streamline and speed” Superfund cleanups by centralizing decision making in his office for projects that cost over $50 million dollars.  EPA insiders have interpreted this as a way to essentially defund the Superfund program by finding that certain mining and sediment cleanup programs currently conducted are completed---perhaps even before the science shows substantial remediation and cleanup has been accomplished.

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