Birth Injuries: We Must Do Better

A baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy is born too early, and this is called preterm or premature birth. The Center for Disease Control has reported that in 2018 preterm birth affected 1 of every 10 infants born in the USA.  In the final weeks and months of pregnancy, a developing baby goes through very important and needed growth in the brain, lungs and liver.  These final weeks and months of pregnancy are vital in order to allow the baby to fully develop. Babies born too early, and especially those born before 32 weeks, have higher rates of death and disability. Babies who survive preterm delivery may have breathing, feeding, vision or hearing problems.  One of the most catastrophic problems that a premature baby can have is brain damage which causes developmental delays or cerebral palsy. This brain damage can occur during the birthing process or it can result from breathing difficulties a premature baby suffers after birth.  These babies often need intensive care and life support at birth and medical care for life.
Recently, author Sarah DiGregorio published a personal new book, "Early: an Intimate History of Premature Birth" and was featured on CBS Sunday Morning in a segment about this important topic (see link).
The Medical Malpractice team at the Locks Law Firm, headed by Partner and Trial Attorney Jennifer Emmons Esq, recently settled a birth injury case resulting in brain damage to a premature baby against doctors and a hospital for $7,200,000. We stand with these precious and vulnerable children and their families. If you or your loved ones have suffered the devastating effects of a catastrophic birth injury due to possible negligence, please call Jennifer today and let our team look at your facts and case to see if we can help you and your baby. There are strict time limits for these matters and you should call to protect your rights and those of the baby.

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Wawa Announces Data Breach Potentially Affecting All Locations

Wawa has announced a data breach affecting customers who visited their locations and paid with a credit or debit card from March 4, 2019 to December 12, 2019. The Notice of Data Breach on their website states that, “This malware affected customer payment card information used at potentially all Wawa locations beginning at different points..”

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Partner Al Anthony on Renewable Energy in his community of Livingston, NJ

Partner Al Anthony has spent his entire career specializing in environmental contamination and toxic exposure. As Mayor of Livingston, NJ, he continues to advocate for environmental protections in his community. More recently, he was featured in NJ Municipalities discussing these topics. 

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Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act aims to protect residents and their loved ones

The Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act, proposed by Reps. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), aims to ban long term care facilities from requiring nursing home residents to sign and commit to pre-dispute binding arbitration agreements.

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Asbestos Found in Philadelphia Schools

Many people believe that asbestos was banned in the 1970s, it wasn’t. 

Regulations on the use of asbestos came in the 1970s when court documents proved that leaders in the asbestos industry were aware of the dangers but kept this information from the public. Commonly used in construction, asbestos is made of thin fibrous crystals and is highly resistant to heat. It is often used as a building material and electric insulator. Other uses include ceiling insulation, flooring, roofing and pipe insulation among other things.

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$2,450,000 recovery from a case resulting in the wrongful death of a child in New Jersey

Congratulations to Partner Jennifer Emmons, Of Counsel Robert A. Greenberg and the medical malpractice team who obtained a $2,450,000 recovery from a case resulting in the wrongful death of a child.

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What happens if you are involved in an accident as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle?

In recent years, transportation network companies have become commonplace on the roads in the State of New Jersey.  Commercial enterprises, namely Uber and Lyft, have supplanted most other forms of livery business. Many of us utilize these companies on a weekly basis.  But what happens if you are involved in an accident while riding as a passenger in such vehicles?

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Exciting News at Locks Law Firm

Locks Law Firm is excited to announce its new affiliation with the Law Offices of Alvin F. de Levie. This affiliation allows Locks Law Firm to draw on Alvin F. de Levie’s expertise, insight and over 40 years of experience in catastrophic personal injury, medical malpractice, and civil rights litigation. Mr. de Levie will have access to the tremendous talent, cutting edge technology, and resources of the Locks Law Firm - including the firm’s nationally renowned Benzene and environmental litigation teams. This new collaboration brings together courtroom experience in counties across Pennsylvania as well as state and federal courts across the nation. 

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Assisted Livings: “Buyer Beware”

The NY Times published an opinion article this week telling a story of long-term care that rings too true to be brushed aside.  Assisted livings: what are these facilities; what care are our loved ones actually receiving; and how much are they getting paid to do it?

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Groundbreaking Settlement for South African Gold Miners

On July 26, 2019 the High Court of the Republic of South Africa issued a final opinion approving the settlement of a class action which was filed on behalf of former gold miners in that country who suffer from or have suffered from either silicosis or tuberculosis as a result of their work in the mines. A copy of the opinions can be found here and here. Locks Law Firm spent considerable time and resources assisting with IT support and data analysis on the case from 2012 to 2017.

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