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Locks Law Firm is a nationally renowned team of personal injury lawyers committed to defending the rights of injured victims and ensuring that they are justly compensated for their losses.  Our personal injury lawyers hope to promote the development of a safer society by seeking jury verdicts that take the profit out of negligent conduct and the manufacture of defective products.  As one of the largest personal injury law firms in the tri-state region, the team of experienced trial attorneys at Locks Law Firm is dedicated to standing up for justice on behalf of those injured as a result of another party's negligent, careless, or reckless conduct.

“No Win, No Fee” Promise

Locks Law Firm takes most of our cases on a contingent fee basis.  The contingency fee agreement puts Locks Law Firm in partnership with our clients, placing our resources at your disposal to ensure the best possible outcome.  We take on all of the burden of the case; clients don’t pay for our time or our expenses unless we make a recovery on their behalf.

Our clients are victims of negligence or intentional wrongdoing. They are often incapacitated, unable to work, and under the burden of expensive medical bills.  The contingency fee agreement is an arrangement unique to law firms in the United States that allows injured parties to hire a specialized lawyer when they couldn’t otherwise afford one.  This opens up the courthouse doors to regular working people and puts them on an equal footing with the largest corporations in the world.

Free Consultation

Locks Law Firm offers a free initial consultation.  At your consultation, we will discuss the details of your case, the legal process and answer your questions.

To prepare for your consultation, it can be helpful to write a few notes to yourself outlining the most important facts of your case and any questions that you might have for us.

You should also bring any relevant documents that you have available.  Exactly what you need to bring will vary from case to case, so don’t worry if you don’t have something or can’t find it, but by bringing any documents that you believe may be relevant, you can help us evaluate your case quickly and effectively.

Here are a few examples of the types of paperwork that can help us evaluate your case:

  • Medical records
  • Receipts
  • Correspondence with the other party
  • Police report
  • Insurance policy information

It’s a trying and stressful time if you’re seeking legal help because you or a loved one has been injured or fallen ill.  We encourage you to come in for your free consultation even if you can’t locate any of the documents.  Our experienced and dedicated attorneys can help obtain the documents and information needed.

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