Manganese Exposure

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Manganese Exposure

Manganese is a metal used in a variety of industrial products, notably in welding equipment and supplies. When a welder is working, fumes are released that contain manganese vapors. This vapor is considered hazardous and exposure to higher levels of the vapor, even for a short time, may cause a significant injuries.

When inhaled in too high a concentration, manganese causes a neurological condition known as manganism. This condition is symptomatically similar to Parkinson's disease, causing tremors and eventual paralysis, but is distinguished by the fact that it is caused only by manganese poisoning.


Manganism is a condition that closely resembles Parkinson's disease and is caused by exposure to manganese vapor. Individuals suffering from manganism experience tremors, slowed nervous response, and eventual paralysis. They can expect to face permanent disability, high costs associated with their care, and other challenges. By litigating against the parties responsible for your toxic injury, our attorneys can help you obtain compensation to cover these expenses.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York victims of this form of workplace chemical exposure injury can, with our lawyers' help, obtain compensation from companies who produced hazardous welding materials, or employers who failed to provide adequate protective shields and instruction in the means of minimizing exposure to this debilitating hazard.  

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