Chemical Exposure

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Toxic chemicals are used every day in medicine, agriculture, industry, manufacturing, and construction. Harmful exposure to toxic chemicals may be purely accidental, but too often, the exposure occurs as a result of deliberate or negligent industry practices such as using toxic solvents when other alternatives are available or when the chemical refuse of the manufacturing process is dumped into the ground to find its way into the drinking water sources of nearby communities.  Workers are also exposed to toxic chemicals when they work with products like benzene, TCE, PCE, heavy metals and other toxins. Often they are not warned and not supplied with adequate protective equipment, resulting in subsequent cancers or neurological diseases. Residents who live nearby factories and similar facilities that use toxic chemicals may suffer prolonged and harmful exposure. Attorneys at the Locks Law Firm represent individuals who have suffered from chemical exposure-related catastrophic injuries.

Chemical Exposure at Work

Individuals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and throughout the country are at greater risk of catastrophic injury or disease from chemical exposure if they work around large amounts of dangerous chemicals for long periods of time. Victims of workplace chemical exposure rely on the Locks Law Firm for aggressive, intelligent representation against negligent suppliers, manufacturers and employers.

Environmental Chemical Exposure

Sometimes, careless businesses dispose of dangerous toxic chemicals into the environment or allow catastrophic chemical spills to occur through the use of improper waste water ponds, corroded holding tanks, or other negligent business practices. The costs involved in cleaning up such contamination are enormous, and until a spill is remedied, animals, plants, and people in the affected area are at risk.

The responsibility for handling environmental exposure cases typically falls to local, regional, and state governments. Environmental contamination can result in personal injuries such as cancer, drops in property values when toxic waste affects entire communities, and efforts to clean up the contamination and restore the area.

Our Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York attorneys are prepared to represent governmental entities such as states in claims for natural resource damages. States may recover against polluters for the damage that was caused to the environment, the air, the water, the fish life, the plant life and other biota which belong to the people of the state. We are also prepared to evaluate and pursue meritorious toxic disease cases on behalf of individual people.

Chemical Exposure in the Home

Certain pesticides, cleaning products, and similar goods are poisonous, but if they are improperly packaged or labeled, the manufacturer may be responsible for the resulting damages. Homeowners may bear responsibility for home chemical exposures where they use properly manufactured and labeled products in an improper, unreasonably unsafe, or reckless manner. Landlords who rent property to tenants bear liability where they fail to provide adequate protections for their tenants to protect against harmful chemical exposure. Some homes contain unsafe building materials such as asbestos insulation and lead paint, and others are infested with toxic mold because of substandard construction. To find out who may bear legal liability for at-home chemical exposure in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, contact the chemical and catastrophic injury lawyers at the Locks Law Firm today.

Toxic consumer products cause many serious illnesses and injuries.  Often toxic injuries occur in clusters so that when an unusual number of people in a small area are found to be suffering from a type of neurological injury which is often misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis, or from specific kinds of cancer such as acute myelogenous leukemia, this may be a clue that toxins present in the environment are responsible for the disease. If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York or around the country and have fallen victim to a catastrophic injury or illness due to chemical exposure, our attorneys want to hear from you.

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If you or someone you love has suffered due to chemical exposure, you may be overwhelmed with medical bills, pain, suffering, and other hardships. For help with chemical exposure-related litigation, contact the chemical exposure and catastrophic injury attorneys in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York Offices of the Locks Law Firm today to schedule a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation.

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