July 2017

Summertime Means Vacation-Time: But Remember to Be Safe!

Ah Summertime!!  It’s time for family trips to beaches, resorts and amusement parks!  It’s the most (well, second most!) wonderful time of the year for the family.  But don’t let the summertime lazies strike when you and your loved ones are away on vacation.  Here are some commonsense suggestions for making your summer adventures safe AND fun!

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Pennsylvania Dash Cam Videos are Discoverable

The next time you are in a motor vehicle accident, look carefully at the responding police car: you may be immortalized on both video and audio.


Two cars collided on a spring day in Potter Township, Centre County. One driver received a citation for failing to yield the right-of-way. The other received a citation for failure to use a seatbelt. From this minor accident a major decision was just issued by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Pennsylvania State Police v. Grove, 2017 WL 2645401 (Pa., June 20, 2017).

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