August 2016

Lawsuit Alleges Release of Cancer-Causing Chemicals from Pennsylvania Naval Base

Once upon a time, a much younger version of myself recalls visiting the Willow Grove Naval Base to watch awe-inspiring air shows. These shows were spectacular, as brave and highly skilled pilots performed wondrous acts of flight for the benefit of the community. Unfortunately, the very same community that once enjoyed these spectacular air shows must now cope with the reality that the base is accused of releasing cancer-causing chemicals into local water supplies by the use of toxic fire-suppressing foams. Now, for the first time, a Pennsylvania family has filed suit alleging that their drinking water was tainted by toxic chemicals from the use of certain firefighting foams.

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The Pennsylvania Right to Know Law is a Great Tool

Police stop a person. A dispute ensues. The person is injured by the police. As recent tragedies in our country have shown, the police dash cam video can be a more trustworthy account of what happened then subsequently-written police reports. Counsel for the person stopped wants to obtain the video as well as written police records.

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New York Legislature Extends Time To File Lawsuits for Toxic Exposures From Superfund Sites


The New York State Legislature has come to the aid of victims exposed to toxic substances at Superfund sites by extending the time a lawsuit can be brought, known as the Statute of Limitations. Senator Kathleen Marchione, Republican from the 43rd Senate District, introduced the bill (known as the “Hoosick Falls” bill) as a result of her constituents’ concerns over the continuing water contamination in their town.  For those victims of toxic exposure at Superfund sites, the remedy is not limited to Hoosick Falls, but has statewide impacts.

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Did You Know the Most Dangerous Driving Season is Summer?

Most people think winter is the most dangerous because of the snow covered icy roads and limited visibility. Although winter driving is dangerous, according to the Department of Transportation, it is not as dangerous as summer.

Driving down the road during a summer heat wave gives you that easy feeling and seems quite serene compared to the stress of driving through a winter whiteout, but it is the most dangerous time to operate a motor vehicle. The summer season is responsible for the greatest amount of fatal car accidents out of every other time of year.

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Mom Was Right - Don't Talk To Strangers (Especially if you have a lawsuit)!

When a new client retains any of the lawyers in the Locks Law Firm we are careful to explain to them that from that point forward, they are not to speak with anyone whatsoever about any aspect of their case and they should direct any inquiries that even seem remotely case-oriented to their attorney. A case was recently decided in federal court in New York which illustrates how far defense counsel will go to obtain information which they believe to be helpful in defending a case.


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