September 2015

Third Circuit Sets Date for Oral Argument in NFL Concussion case

Today the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit announced it will hear oral argument regarding the appeals related to the NFL concussion case on November 20, 2015.

By setting this date, it appears that the Court understands that the players want a decision as quickly as possible. Normally, the Court does not schedule oral arguments for 15-18 months after a Notice of Appeal has been filed.  Here, the Court scheduled the argument approximately six months from the first Notice of Appeal.  We are hopeful things will move rapidly.

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Planning by Coaches and Trainers is Key to Preventing Heat-Related Injuries on the Playing Field

In the most recent Sports Litigation Alert, Janet Lewis, Director of Sports & Athlete Relations, addresses the need for training and planning to prevent heat related injuries in high school and youth sports. The conclusion: Prevent civil and criminal liability by exercising reasonable care for safety under hot and humid conditions. Instruct athletes on safe procedures and warm them of the risks and dangers so that they, too, can recognize signs of heat injury. By providing medical assistance and creating and following an EAP, the liability for those involved can be greatly reduced, along with the injuries themselves.

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