December 2017

Riding Mower Tractor Rollover Hazards (Part II)

In our last blog we introduced the topic of rollover hazards associated with riding mower lawn tractors. We ended that article by briefly discussing the fact that Rollover Protection System (ROPS) had been available as optional equipment from several manufacturers, but at a higher price.

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Why I Voted

Today is Election Day. November 7th, 2017. And I have a very different feeling this election day than previous election days. I feel as though this political climate paired with current events has left Americans feeling 2 ways:

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The Heart Of A Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Lawyer

Early into my days here at Locks Law, I began to wonder.  How is it that these attorneys are successful when each of them are unique in personality?  Affable, Intense, Inquisitive, Well-Versed, Precise, Tough, Assertive, Aggressive, Ambitious, Bold, Energetic, Hard-Working.  These are some of the quality characteristics you will find in the attorneys at Locks Law.  No one is a carbon copy of the other.  No one is alike.  We practice personal injury law, but there is even some variation in the types of areas that we practice.  Yet, there is one common thread.  The Heart.  That is, the heart of a Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Lawyer.  

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Pro Bono Work and the Impact on the Attorney, Law Firm and Community

“Whatever community organization, whether it’s a women’s organization, or fighting for racial justice … you will get satisfaction out of doing something to give back to the community that you never get in any other way.”

— Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The benefits of pro bono work are numerous. Pro bono work provides an opportunity for an attorney to help an individual who may not have the resources to hire an attorney. It is also a chance for an attorney to support a cause or pursue a passion that may not be part of his or her day to day practice. Additionally, pro bono work can be an opportunity, particularly for young attorneys, to gain practical legal experience in the courtroom and autonomy in handling a case. Finally, intangible benefits of pro bono work, as with any volunteer work, include overall happiness of the individual attorney and community involvement and activism of the law firm.

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