January 2010

Shoulder Pain Pump Litigation Update

Last week a state court jury ruled on the first trial of a shoulder pain pump case anywhere in the country. The jury found in favor of the injured victim, a 38 year old man, in the amount of $5.5 million. The case was Beale v. I-Flow. Mr. Beale suffered from a condition called chondrolysis (loss of cartilage) in his shoulder following the use of a pain pump after routine shoulder surgery. Marc P. Weingarten, a partner in the Philadelphia office of the Locks Law Firm is investigating a large number of these cases and has already filed suit for one client in Massachusetts. If you have had shoulder surgery, and then used a pain pump, and now experience shoulder pain, clicking in the shoulder joint, limited range of motion, or have been diagnosed with chondrolysis, please call Marc at 215.893.3404 or email him at, to discuss your legal rights.

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Big Pharma Enters the Movie Business

Those of us who litigate prescription drug cases have always known that the advertizing done by drug companies borders on the fictional, especially in light of the limited oversight that the resource strapped FDA can muster. But now Glaxo, the maker of the over-the-counter fat-blocking drug Alli, has entered into negotiations with the non-profit group Creative Coalition to finance and produce a hard hitting documentary about eating, ostensibly to educate Americans about the causes and dangers of obesity.

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