We Will Always Need Lawyers as Victims Will Always Need Justice

I am frequently asked to speak with young men or women who are considering going to law school. The conversations invariably begin with the person seeking specific advice as to what law school to attend, what classes to take, etc.   Eventually the questions move from those seeking specific advice regarding how to choose courses, how to approach classes and how to decide the area of law in which to practice to the larger question:  Should I go to law school?   My answer is always the same.  Never once have I regretted my choice of career, and never would I discourage anyone from entering the profession.   Yes, the job market is not the best.   The hours can be long.  There is pressure.  There is stress.


But there are few professions where one can both help individuals when they most need it and change society for the better.  There is far too much cynicism in our society. It exists in the legal profession as well   The law isn’t for everyone.  And it isn’t perfect.  Justice is not always served and not every case ends with a fair result.  But the American legal system is truly unique.  Ordinary citizens, serving as jurors, decide the amount of compensation, if any, a person injured or sickened as a result of negligence conduct or a defective product receives.  For over thirty years I have been proud to represent those victims and help them obtain that compensation.  I would encourage anyone to follow in my footsteps.  Without attorneys who are willing to represent them, those victims would have little, if any, chance of receiving justice and the corporate world would have no incentive to keep its products safe.

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