Partner Marc Weingarten Thanked For His Work As A Judge Pro Tempore

MPW - Partner Marc Weingarten Thanked For His Work As A Judge Pro Tempore

Partner Marc Weingarten not only works as a full time attorney at Locks Law Firm but also is a Judge Pro Tempore. Marc’s responsibilities with this title includes being assigned a certain number of cases per month and serves as a settlement master. He meets with counsel together, separately, and confidentially to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their positions. He will then make a report of his impressions which will contain his position and recommendations for the settlement in hearing.

Seen below is a letter written to Marc from a Judge from the Civil Trial Division on his work as a Judge Pro Tempore:


Dear Judge Pro Tempore,

I write to notify you of the resolution of the above-

referenced matter(s) in which you presided over a settlement

conference as Judge Pro Tempore.

As you know, sometimes your efforts as a Judge Pro Tempore

bear immediate fruit, and sometimes the resolution is more

attenuated. However, it is our experience that whatever stage

the resolution, the effort by those such as you is an integral

part of the process, which looms large in the ultimate path to


On behalf of the Administrators, Staff and Judges of the

Trial Division – Civil, as well as the litigants and their

counsel, I thank you for your time, dedication and energies on

behalf of the Court. I hope that you have found your service to

be professionally rewarding, and that we can rely upon your skill

and experience for future Judge Pro Tempore assignments.

With appreciation,

Supervising Judge

Trial Division – Civil

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