Locks Law Tip Series: 2018 Taxes

girls weekend guide to 14 - Locks Law Tip Series: 2018 Taxes

Locks Law Tip Talk – 2018 Taxes

Tip 1: This year the deadline is Tuesday, April 17th, 2018, rather than the traditional April 15th date. 

Tip 2: Have you moved since last tax season? Be sure to fill out Form 8822 for change of address!

Tip 3: If you have an elderly parent or an adult who requires assistance when filing, remember it can be an issue of pride. Monitoring parents abilities are crucial when determining competency and taking over the tax process.

Tip 4: Have questions about filing your taxes before the Tuesday 4/17 deadline? Take a look at these FAQs

Tip 5: Not ready to file your taxes by this Tuesday 4/17? Fill out form 4868 for an extension.


If you have additional questions about filing, visit

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