Go Vote! By Guest Author Kevin Pettit

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Tomorrow are the midterm elections and it is more important than ever to get out there and vote!. Still curious about where a candidate lands on certain issues or don’t know where your polling place is?  We’ve compiled some helpful links to help you stay informed. Make sure your voice is heard tomorrow – Get out and VOTE!

Finding Where To Vote

The best website to find where you need to vote is ! They will tell you step-by-step where to vote, voter ID requirements, election dates, and voter accessibility laws.

Information Regarding Candidates

If you need to learn more about candidates and ballot measures where you live be sure to check out .  Look up your location in the search bar and click on the 2018 elections to find out more about the people and proposals on your ballot. For those in the tri-state area we’ve already done some of the leg work for you:

New Jersey


New York

Do your research and make sure to cast your vote tomorrow!


“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.”

~ John F. Kennedy

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