Hurricane Season 2017 to Climate Change Deniers: Hold My Beer!

I’ve written before in this space about climate change deniers President Trump and EPA Chief Pruitt, and how the denial of science in the face of overwhelming evidence discredits our nation and places all of us in environmental danger.  From bad policy decisions to the failure of the EPA to protect our water and air, to the crippling of scientific research due to the stripping of funds for such programs, science deniers are forcing the US back into the 19th century.

And to put a point on all of this, the hurricane season of 2017 iced the cake.  With the US Virgin Islands, Texas and Florida  still reeling from the effects of Category 5 Hurricane Irma, and the devastated US Virgin Islands  and Puerto Rico now bracing for Category 4 Hurricane Maria, the second storm to slam into America’s Paradise in less than two weeks, the effects of climate change simply cannot be ignored.

Except, apparently, by those currently in Washington, D.C.

You can make a difference, however.  Write to your representatives in Congress (find out who and how to get into contact with them here and demand that the US government restore funding for scientific research.  Demand that the US not pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Be a Force for Science.

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