A Passion for Justice

Although I have watched very little television other than sports throughout my adult life, during the last few years, aided by the convenience of on demand, Netflix, and Amazon my wife and I have begun watching a few series. This year’s choice is The Good Wife. Last night we watched the final episode of season six, last season, in which Alicia decides to start her own Law Firm and handle only cases that she truly believes in.

Watching that episode I was struck with how fortunate I am. The show implied that for an attorney to be able to represent only clients he or she believes in is rare luxury that very few are able to have.

After over 30 years of practicing law, I believe this is true. I can honestly say that I am among those few, a blessing that I sometimes take for granted. Not every cases unfolds the way I anticipate that it will, and occasionally after a case is completed, or even before it is completed, I find myself questioning whether I should have accepted the case. But every area of litigation that Locks Law Firm handles, and every case that I handle, is a case that I truly believe in, which allows me to represent each of my clients passionately and with no hesitations or


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