Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuits Tentatively Settle for $2.4 Billion

Tekeda Pharmaceutical has agreed to pay approximately $2.4 billion to settle 9,000 Actos lawsuits across the county. The Locks Law Firm represents a number of clients involved in the litigation and is pleased to announce that Takeda has agreed to compensate thousands of bladder cancer victims and their families.

By way of background, Actos is a dangerous pharmaceutical intended to help diabetics manage their condition, but instead has been shown to cause bladder cancer. Even prior to the approval of Actos, premarket studies showed that bladder tumors had developed in animals. In the May 2012 issue of the British Medical Journal, researchers studied 115,727 patients and discovered that Actos ingestion increased the risk of contracting bladder cancer by 83 percent.

The lawsuits accused Takeda of concealing the risk of bladder cancer and manufacturing a defective, unreasonably dangerous drug. Although Takeda has refused to admit liability, the settlement is an important step for compensating individuals and their families who have been harmed by Actos.

The details of the settlement can be found at the Actos Official Settlement website, located at:  The settlement becomes effective only if 95% of the eligible claimants agree to it.

If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer and first took Actos before Dec. 1, 2011 you may be eligible to participate in the settlement if you contact us immediately.

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