Toxic Chemicals, Benzene Concentrations Increase Exponentially by Fracking Sites

In a world increasingly concerned about available sources of energy, scientific innovations have opened the door to new methods of obtaining natural gas and oil. One such method, known as hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – functions as a double-edged sword because it permits energy companies to obtain previously unreachable sources of energy, but poses significant environmental and health risks.

The risks of hydraulic fracturing are manifesting as it was recently proven that eight poisonous chemicals were found near fracking sites in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio and Wyoming. Benzene, a carcinogen linked to leukemia and cancer, was the most common chemical found near fracking sites.  Additionally, researchers from Yale and the University of Washington determined that residents who lived within a kilometer of a fracking well had up to twice the number of health problems as those living at least two kilometers away. Overall, experts are concerned that both residents and workers may be exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals due to hydraulic fracturing processes.

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