Common Causes of Brain Injury

In general, there are few injuries more devastating than an injury to the brain. The brain controls virtually every function of the human body, and even a moderate injury to this all-important organ can have life-altering consequences. Tragically, many serious brain injuries could have been prevented if not for the negligent or deliberately wrongful actions of others. The Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury attorneys of Locks Law Firm have extensive experience in representing brain injury victims and their families, presenting the strongest possible cases on their behalf and helping to ensure that they receive the full compensation allowable by law for their losses and expenses.

Brain injuries can occur from any number of personal injury accidents, including:

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

It is not unusual for victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents to suffer a severe blow to the head. This can result in a variety of brain injuries, whether or not the skull was penetrated. Indeed, many of the most serious brain injuries result from the brain coming into contact with the wall of the skull, though the skull itself might show little to no damage. Some brain injuries present themselves immediately after an accident, while others take time to unfold. It is important for victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents to seek medical attention as soon as possible because some serious injuries don’t manifest any symptoms until days, weeks, months, or even years after an accident.

Construction and Other Workplace Accidents

Construction sites and many other workplace environments are extremely dangerous by nature. When workers are not properly protected or when safety protocols are not followed, serious injuries, including brain injuries, can occur. Blows to the head can result from falling objects, defective machinery, and flying objects. Even when the head is protected, traumatic brain injury can occur simply from the force of a blow. When the head is not adequately protected, the chance of serious injury or death increases dramatically.

Slip and Fall Accidents

At the Locks Law Firm serving Pennsylvania and New York, brain injury lawsuits often arise from slip and fall accidents. When such accidents occur due to unsafe conditions on someone elses property, the owner or manager of that property can be held liable for any injuries or deaths that result. Unfortunately, many slip and fall accidents result in victims falling backwards and hitting the backs of their heads on a hard surface; others often result in victims falling forward and having their foreheads come into contact with a blunt object. Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey brain injury attorneys frequently file premises liability claims against negligent property owners who fail to safeguard those who enter onto their property from harm.

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Ultimately, whatever the cause of a brain injury, it is incumbent upon the attorneys representing the victim and his or her family to prove that the injury resulted due to the negligence of another party. The personal injury attorneys of Locks Law have a history of obtaining ample compensation for brain injury victims and their families. For an evaluation of your brain injury case, please contact the Locks Law Firm today.

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