Marc Weingarten Active in International Lecturing

Partner Marc P. Weingarten has been extremely active in lecturing internationally to various groups of lawyers and asbestos victims. Last November, he lectured at the Occupational Disease Conference of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) in Manchester, England. Marc spoke to them about Lung Cancer Attribution Without Asbestosis. Marc went back to England in March of this year to give two lectures. One was in London at the Occupational Disease Conference of the APIL. His earlier presentation in Manchester was so well received that the organization asked Marc to come again and give the talk for the benefit of the lawyers in London. At the same time, Marc went to Leicester, England where he was asked to make a speech to an organization consisting not of lawyers, but rather of victims of mesothelioma, the Leicester Mesothelioma and Carer Support Group, where he spoke about Asbestos Claims in the United States.

Marc was then asked to lecture in Newport, Wales at the APIL Residential Conference, where he delivered a talk to the Multi-Party Actions Special Interest Group. The topic of this lecture was consolidated actions, class actions, and multi-district litigation, and it was called Multi-Party Actions U.S. Style.

Finally, and most recently, in June, Marc spoke again to a group of asbestos victims near Liverpool, England, the Merseyside Asbestos Victims Support Group, where he gave a lecture titled, Accessing American Asbestos Bankruptcy Settlement Trusts (The Times They Have A-Changed.)

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