Talc and Ovarian Cancer

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Regular application of talc to the vaginal area has been scientifically linked with ovarian cancer. For decades, women have applied talc-based powders, often called talcum powder, to their private parts in order to keep the groin cool and comfortable and discourage the development of vaginal odors. Unfortunately, this usage of talc has been associated with an increased development of ovarian cancer. In 2013, such a study published by the Journal Cancer Prevention Research found that women who used talcum powder for intimate personal hygiene were at a 20-30% higher risk of ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson, a major producer of talc and manufacturer of talcum powders, was aware of this research, but has never put a warning notice on its talcum powder products to alert consumers to this inherent danger. Today the company is subject to two class-action lawsuits, both claiming the company failed to act on its duty to warn consumers of the risk its product could contribute to the development of cancer.

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