Hay Baler Accidents

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Hay balers are farm tractor accessories that pack and tie hay into bundles (bales) for easy handling and shipping. Hay balers pose a serious risk of injury or death to anyone who operates them. In fact, hay baler accidents account for a large percentage of the reported machine-related injuries on farms, according to the National Safety Council.

Hay baler accidents can take several forms, including being pulled into the machine when attempting to thread the baler, being trapped by moving parts, or being entangled by improperly guarded power take off shafts. Hay baler accidents can also occur if the operator falls from the tractor and is run over by the trailing baler. Many of these injuries could be prevented by proper machinery design by either designing out foreseeable hazards or by guarding against those hazards that cannot be removed by reasonable machinery design.

Manufacturers also have a responsibility to ensure balers are guarded in the front, side, and rear to prevent contact with any dangerous parts while the machine is in motion.

Victims of hay baler accidents often suffer traumatic injuries that can cause permanent disability. Hay baler accidents cause lacerations, amputations, puncture wounds, fractures, and, in severe cases, death. In addition, many traumas produced by hay baler accidents require some form of amputation. If you or a loved one has been injured in a hay baler accident, contact the Locks Law Firm to schedule a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation.


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