Tire Failures

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When designed or manufactured poorly, tires are prone to failure. Like most defective automotive components, defective tires are potentially very dangerous. Too often, they lead to serious accidents and injuries, including death. The Locks Law Firm, serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York can provide a tire defect lawyer with ample experience in this legal area to represent your case. The technical knowledge required for success in a tire defect lawsuit makes having a veteran lawyer crucial to your case.

Causes of Tire Failure

A radial tire is constructed using layered materials – an inner liner, radial body piles, steel belts, a nylon overlay, and the outer rubber tread. These layers are bonded using adhesives. Lack of an adhesive layer, expired adhesives, contaminants, and substandard manufacturing procedures may comprise a tire's structural integrity. Over time a tire affected by such problems may separate under stress. At high speeds, catastrophic injury or wrongful death is often the result.

Another tire defect your lawyer should consider is substandard belt and tread design and/or placement. With effective safety engineering, these defect problems are avoidable. Unfortunately, some manufacturers produce tires that are insufficiently tested, which can result in their being destroyed without warning, even during normal operation.

Tire Defects and Rollover Accidents

The most serious accidents associated with tire defects have been rollover accidents. When a tire fails at high speed, the affected vehicle may spin sideways, causing the wheel rim to dig into the roadway and flip the vehicle with incredible force.

Such an accident is always destructive and often fatal. If you or someone you love has been injured because of a tire defect, contact the Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York Offices of the Locks Law Firm as soon as possible after the accident to schedule a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation.

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