Roof Crush

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With years of experience in handling product liability and auto accident cases, the Locks Law Firm knows how severe a rollover accident can be – particularly one involving roof crush damage. A lawyer from our firm can help you secure a large award to cover your injuries. If you have been injured in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York in a roof crush or other rollover accident, a lawyer at the Locks Law Firm will fully explain your options so that you can make the right decision for yourself and your family.

Roof Crush Injuries

Head, brain and spinal cord injuries are the most common injuries sustained in a roof crush or rollover accident. A Locks Law Firm lawyer can provide extensive information about the impact and implications of these types of serious injuries; generally speaking, however, they have the capacity to cause major disabilities including paralysis, and even death.

A roof crush accident poses potentially deadly risks to vehicle occupants, even when all safety equipment – seat belts, airbags, and other devices – function effectively. Disturbingly, the automotive industry frequently applies roofs that are known to be of inferior quality and unable to withstand major stresses to rollover-prone vehicles. Roof crush and rollover accidents are also statistically linked to tire failure – another foreseeable and preventable occurrence.

When injuries occur due to substandard design or manufacturing that leads to a roof crush or rollover accident, you need the advice of an experienced lawyer. With more than 20 years of experience serving roof crush and rollover accident victims, the Locks Law Firm is the place to go for a lawyer you can trust.

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