Vehicular Rollover

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If you drive a sport utility vehicle, a large van, or another tall or elevated vehicle, you may be at increased risk of a rollover accident. A car or truck with a high center of gravity, too narrow wheel base or both are much more likely to roll in an accident than is a regular sedan. At the Locks Law Firm, an attorney with extensive experience with auto accidents and product liability lawsuits in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York can help determine liability in the event of a rollover accident. Your attorney will do everything possible to secure maximum compensation for your injuries and associated costs.

Car Rollover Causes

Poor design and inadequate safety engineering are generally to blame for rollover accidents and resulting injuries.  SUVs are prone to rollovers, some more than others because of poor design and the failure of the manufacturer to design the vehicle to minimize the likelihood of rollover during an evasive driving maneuver, sharp turn, or side impact. The combination of a high center of gravity in a tall vehicle such as an SUV, a van or a truck, and a narrow wheelbase is a recipe for a rollover accident. Your attorney will be well versed in rollover accident science, and will be able to determine what factors contributed to your crash.

Causes of Injury

Even when a vehicle rolls, effective safety equipment and vehicle reinforcement should protect most occupants from serious injuries. Unfortunately, though SUVs are purportedly designed for off-road use, many manufacturers simply do not trouble to equip their vehicles appropriately. Roll cages and body reinforcement to protect against roof crush damage may be totally absent. When an insufficiently reinforced vehicle rolls, the roof pillars, header, and side rails may collapse into the passenger compartment along with the roof, causing catastrophic injuries and even wrongful death.

Additionally, problematic seats, seat belts, and airbags can cause very serious injuries even if a vehicle does not sustain roof crush damage. Whatever the cause of your injuries, a rollover accident attorney from the Locks Law Firm can assist you recovering the compensation you deserve.

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