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Personal injury lawsuits are intended to provide compensation to injured parties and to discourage the continuation or repetition of the behavior that caused their injuries. At the Locks Law Firm, in order to successfully litigate a client's claim, we must first prove liability. Through extensive investigation and research, our personal injury lawyers will demonstrate that the party bears legal responsibility for the injury. We will then seekdamages, or monetary compensation, for the injury on the client's behalf.

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Generally, the practice of holding a person or organization liable for a victim's personal injury is based on the doctrine of negligence. Negligence occurs when a party acts carelessly, recklessly or fails to act as one would be expected to act in a similar situation, and causes injury to another person as a result of such conduct. To successfully litigate your personal injury claim, our attorneys may establish negligence by showing that the at-fault party:

  1. had a legal responsibility to ensure the plaintiff's safety or duty to avoid injuring others;
  2. failed — through conduct, action, or inaction — to fulfill that legal duty; and
  3. the plaintiff was harmed or injured as a result.

Strict Liability

Strict liability holds any manufacturers who create and sell defective products legally liable for injuries caused to consumers. Typically, strict liability applies primarily to product liability law, which falls under the umbrella of personal injury. For example, if the tire on a driver's car suddenly blows out as the result of a defect and the driver is injured, the tire manufacturer may be required to compensate the victim.  In a strict product liability case the plaintiff must prove that the product was defective and unreasonably dangerous and that the product caused his or her injury.  Usually this means that the product lacked all necessary elements necessary to make it safe for its reasonably foreseeable uses.  

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Intentional Wrong

If someone knows his actions will cause harm but follows through with them anyway, he is committing an intentional tort. In addition to criminal charges brought against those responsible for the injuries (punishable by jail), a civil personal injury claim may be filed, which would allow the victim to pursue damages against the aggressor or in some situations against people who had a duty to protect others against the aggression of the criminal but failed to do so.

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