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Among the most serious automotive defects handled by defective product lawyers at our firm are faulty airbags. As automobile companies have developed more sophisticated airbag technology, airbags have become safer and more effective. However, malfunctioning and defective airbags still cause serious injuries when they malfunction. Unfortunately, because these devices are not regularly maintained, many car owners are unaware of problems until it is too late. If you have been injured as a result of a faulty airbag contact an automotive defect and defective product lawyer at the Locks Law Firm to secure the assistance of an attorney on whom you can depend.

Airbag Injuries

Some airbags are simply more likely to malfunction. Unfortunately, airbags commonly go many years without maintenance, repair, or replacement, which often results in a defective product. Worse, depending on design, some airbags may cause injuries even when fully functional and in good repair. This constitutes a defective product. A Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York automotive defects and defective product lawyer at the Locks Law Firm can offer more specific information to concerned individuals.

Common airbag injuries include hearing damage from the sound of deployment, chemical and friction burns, traumatic head and neck injuries, and broken bones. Additionally, certain airbag designs may complicate rescue efforts after a crash, posing a risk to both victims and rescue workers. These are the kinds of issues that should be detected during safety engineering and testing. When they are not, and automotive defects result from negligent business practices, a defective product lawyer from the Locks Law Firm may be able to secure fair and just compensation for you.

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