Automotive and Vehicle Defects

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Automotive defects are responsible for a large number of injuries and wrongful deaths on the road. When something goes wrong in a vehicle traveling at high speed down a crowded interstate, the results are often devastating. The failure to provide adequate occupant protection for people in foreseeable accidents is appalling. The failure by manufacturers to reduce the severity of injury in accidents that they know will occur by applying safety engineering, providing better crash protection and better quality control makes them especially tragic. When individuals are injured due to automotive defects, an experienced product liability lawyer at in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York Offices of the Locks Law Firm can offer the legal expertise necessary to hold wrongdoers accountable.

Types of Automotive Defects

A wide range of automotive defects can affect drivers. The following are among the most common: Airbag Failures, Child Restraint Defects, Crashworthiness, Roof Crush, Tire Failures and Vehicular Rollover.

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Airbag Failures

In a car accident, airbags are one of the most important defenses for drivers and passengers. An airbag malfunction can cause devastating injuries and can be grounds for a defective product claim.

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Child Restraint Defects

Child seat defects can contribute to catastrophic injuries, permanent disability, and even wrongful death. We will work with you to hold negligent child restraint manufacturers responsible.

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A vehicle’s crashworthiness is its ability to protect its passengers in the event of a crash. When occupants are ineffectively protected during a crash, it may be that insufficient crashworthiness is to blame for their injuries.

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Roof Crush

Roof crush is the failure of a roof to maintain structural integrity during the event of a rollover or crash.

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Tire Failures

Tire failure can be the cause of a car accident or can exacerbate an accident. In either case, the defective design or manufacture of a tire can be grounds for a defective product claim.

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Vehicular Rollover

If a vehicle’s rollover is caused by poor design or engineering, then this product defect may give rise to a defective product claim.

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