Bulldozer Accidents

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Bulldozers are used on construction sites to remove or spread dirt and rock, dig out trees, and level the ground to the desired level. Bulldozer accidents are extremely dangerous and unforgiving because of the size and weight of the machine. Injuries that result from bulldozer accidents include, but are not limited to, head injury, blunt force trauma, crush injury, and broken bones.

Bulldozer accidents can include rollovers, runovers, and falls. Limited visibility makes it easy for operators to come too close to a ledge or ditch and slide down the edge. When this happens, the bulldozer might roll, putting the operator in danger of becoming pinned or crushed under the massive weight of the machine. Manufacturers should install rollover protective structures (ROPS) as standard equipment on all of these machines. Adequate warnings of foreseeable hazards should be given if guards to protect against these hazards are not feasible.

Construction companies are required to inspect equipment and provide safety training for all employees who operate heavy machinery. In addition, manufacturers must design equipment that is safe and complete with the necessary safety warnings and precautions. But despite all of these provisions, bulldozer accidents still occur. If you have been injured by a bulldozer, you may have a case and should contact the Locks Law Firm today.

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