April 2016

Leon Carelli, Locks Law's CTO, Quoted in Forbes

Leon Carelli, Chief Technology Officer at The Locks Law Firm, has been quoted in Forbes. Alongside a group of other tech experts, Carelli was asked how businesses are making the Internet of Things (IoT) easier to adopt.

Responding to this question, Carelli said, "If we have learned anything from the development of networks and protocols over the past three decades it should be that standards are not just important, they are essential. Smart, forward-thinking companies are already beginning to coalesce around standards like Z-Wave or ZigBee. By adopting standard protocols, product development teams can focus on strong feature sets rather than compatibility."

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Third Circuit of Appeals Upholds Decision in NFL Concussion Litigation

Today the Third Circuit court of Appeals upheld Judge Brody's opinion approving the Players settlement with the NFL in the concussion litigation.  The three judge panel agreed with Judge Brody that the settlement agreement was fair, adequate, and reasonable under the law and made no changes to the previous agreement.

We expect that the objectors (who appealed in the first place) will appeal this Opinion to the Supreme Court of the United States.  If they appeal, two things could happen.

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Amtrak Crash Kills Two, Leaves Dozens Injured

An accident involving an Amtrak train left two dead and more than 30 wounded Sunday morning, becoming the third high-profile Amtrak accident in the last twelve months. The train was moving at high speed when it struck a backhoe on its track just outside of Philadelphia. The incident killed two construction workers and injured dozens of riders.

In March of 2016, a cross-country Amtrak train derailed in Kansas, sending 32 of its passengers to the hospital.

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