December 2017

Why I Voted

Today is Election Day. November 7th, 2017. And I have a very different feeling this election day than previous election days. I feel as though this political climate paired with current events has left Americans feeling 2 ways:

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The Heart Of A Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Lawyer

Early into my days here at Locks Law, I began to wonder.  How is it that these attorneys are successful when each of them are unique in personality?  Affable, Intense, Inquisitive, Well-Versed, Precise, Tough, Assertive, Aggressive, Ambitious, Bold, Energetic, Hard-Working.  These are some of the quality characteristics you will find in the attorneys at Locks Law.  No one is a carbon copy of the other.  No one is alike.  We practice personal injury law, but there is even some variation in the types of areas that we practice.  Yet, there is one common thread.  The Heart.  That is, the heart of a Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Lawyer.  

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