Lead Poisoning

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The negative effects of lead poisoning are both extensive and well documented. Lead poisoning can affect almost any organ of the body, but its consequences can be particularly devastating when it affects the brain and the nervous system.  Symptoms can be vague at first and include headaches, memory problems, unexpectedly low IQs, attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, fatigue, vomiting, muscle weakness and other problems.

If you or someone you love has been exposed to lead in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or New York, you should go to a doctor or the Department of Health in your community to be tested and have your children tested for lead poisoning.  The test is a simple and inexpensive blood test and may be critical to preventing further exposure of you or your child to the effects of lead paint especially if it is in your home.  If you find that you or your child has high lead levels in the blood and symptoms such as those described above, you should pursue medical attention and then contact a Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York lawyer at the Locks Law Firm. A lead poisoning attorney from the Locks Law Firm can help you file a case against those responsible and aggressively pursue your rights in court.

Sources of Lead Poisoning

Because lead is a soft, heavy, malleable metal that has many uses, it has been actively mined for centuries. Lead has found its way into a variety of consumer products over time. Though the law now strictly limits its use, it continues to be found in many older houses and buildings as well as in toys, dishes and pottery imported from foreign countries and sold in our stores. When another party's negligence leads to lead poisoning, an experienced attorney can assist victims on a contingent fee basis to seek full justice and compensation for the injuries that they have suffered.

Most adults who suffer from lead poisoning have been exposed at work, particularly those who work in construction or home renovation. Children are most commonly exposed to lead through dust in homes built or painted with lead-containing products. Because lead-based paint tastes sweet, children may find paint chips and eat them, suffering lead poisoning in the process. If you or your loved ones have suffered from lead poisoning in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York, an attorney from the Locks Law Firm can help you obtain compensation from those responsible.

Effects of Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning affects people in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most serious symptoms of lead poisoning are neurological. Learning disabilities, decreased cognitive function, emotional instability, neuropathy, and other symptoms have been closely linked to lead poisoning. Other serious effects include renal disease, reproductive toxicity or sterility, and circulatory problems.

The effects of lead poisoning are particularly serious for children. They show symptoms at much lower levels of exposure, partially due to the fact that they seem to absorb environmental lead more readily than adults. Children often suffer from learning and developmental disabilities, brain damage, and serious emotional problems as the result of lead poisoning.

If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York, and your child has suffered lead poisoning due to unsafe environmental conditions, an attorney from our firm can help obtain compensation from those responsible.

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Lead poisoning may affect an individual's ability to work, learn, and function normally in society. If you or someone you love is suffering from lead poisoning in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York, contact a lead poisoning attorney at the Locks Law Firm to schedule a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation.

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